FITLEGS™  AES (anti-embolism stockings) help to prevent the formation of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the legs by applying clinically proven graduated compression.* FITLEGS™  AES are designed to be simple to fit and apply, which reduces sizing errors and nursing time.


Untitled         DUOFIT™ Technology provides a two-way stretch for easier application.

Untitled2           Single ankle measurement reduces nursing time when measuring patients.

Untitled4      Improved inspection hole design and placement for superior comfort.

Untitled5       Available in below knee and thigh length.

Untitled3       Four sizes within each length reduces inventory.

Untitled9         Colour coded packaging reduces time identifying correct size.

Untitled10            Darker colour (Teal) improves patient compliance.

Screenshot (238)          Anti-bacterial fabric for odour management.


*Independent Sigel Certification. Data on File.


The compression within the garment is highest at the ankle and reduces further up the leg. Pressure forces blood back towards the heart.


How it works

FITLEGS™ Anti-embolism Stockings Below Knee

Size  Ankle Measurement  G+N Code 
Slimline 16-19cm  403002
Small  19-23cm  401000 
Medium 23-26cm  401001
Large  26-29cm  401002
Extra-Large  29-33cm  401003
Plus 33-35cm  403000 

FITLEGS™ Anti-embolism Stockings Thigh Length

Size  Ankle Measurement  Maximum Thigh Measurement  G+N Code 
Small  7 1/2 – 9 inch 25 1/2 inch  401004
Medium 9 – 10 1/4 inch 27 1/2 inch 401005
Large  10 1/4 – 11 1/2 inch 30 3/4 inch 401006
Extra-Large  11 1/2 – 13 inch 32 1/4 inch 401007

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